Sunday, August 16, 2009

East Town Mall: Past, Present and Future - Part 3: Extreme Makeover (and more updates)

Hello, everyone! I haven't had much time to blog in the past few weeks. I have been busy moving my foster family into a new house this summer, working, etc. I now live on the east side of Green Bay.

I would like to conclude my three-part East Town mall blog with the ongoing makeover at East Town.

I was surprised at how far they came with the renovations, and how far they came. The mall directories have been updated, the center court has a new look, the east court over by Hobby Lobby and Budget Cinema is currently being remodeled. Gnome Games, a local retailer of card and board games opened up in the space formerly occupied by Claire's Accessories. Kohl's had unfortunately decided to seal their mall entrance in the back, due to a corporate decision. The mall has seen lots of activity around the center court. I like the direction this mall is taking, in fact, it was better than the direction the Port Plaza Mall (later Washington Commons) took. I like the proposed makeover for the main entrance to East Town. I've seen another mall similar to East Town, located in Appleton, Wisconsin, known as the Northland Mall. That is also a great example of a shopping mall with space being put to good use, with only a few vacancies in between. I've seen that mall hold it's own, with its anchors, ShopKo and Kohl's, as well as the spaces in between being used for a few specialty shops, restaurants, a branch of the police department, and a karate academy. I could possibly see these types of places in East Town in the future, given that the mall already has a cinema. With all the available space between ShopKo, Budget Cinema, and Petco, I would like to see a food court replace that grassy area and parking lot, since there is enough parking at the front of the mall. The food court could possibly accomodate a mall entrance for ShopKo into East Town Mall, as well as continue onward to the Budget Cinema to the west of ShopKo. I hope you enjoyed the conclusion to this blog.


  1. Nice architecture..great planning..provide some more spaces for parking so that it will be convenient..

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  2. I was at the East Town Mall a few weeks ago, and given the hundreds of parking spaces located at the front of the mall and in back and side of Kohl's, who needs the back parking lot anyway? That parking lot seems a bit boxed in, they could always relocate the parking lot to the site of the former Cub Foods store if they decide to demolish it, or to that hilly area behind the Buget Cinema, since that land is part of East Town's property. If you would like to see the area for yourself, just find 2350 E. Mason St. on the Bing website on the bird's eye view of Green Bay, between ShopKo and Petco for an example of the area I was talking about.

  3. I'm not surprised one bit that Kohl's went and sealed off entry to the mall. More and more the chain is repositioning itself as a stand-alone 'big box' or anchor to a mall of that ilk, and less so as an anchor to enclosed malls.

    I'll have to get up there eventually when the renovation is complete.

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