Sunday, May 3, 2009

ShopKo Store #001: ShopKo's original store (and updates, too!)

I decided to take a break from creating blogs on East Town Mall to give you a look at the original ShopKo store location on 216 Military Ave. in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Although it may not look like much, the store still has the previous logo used from 1992 to 2007, and it also has an unusual appearance, with a two story storage room tower facing the railroad tracks. The store was built in 1962, and currently holds the record for the nation's oldest ShopKo store. There is also a plaque commemorating its status as the oldest location in the front entrance, on the left wall. A supermarket, known as Sure Way (later Jubilee Foods) shared the building until 2004, and still remains vacant to this day. The store itself, has an L-shaped floorplan with a front and back entrance. The store still continues to operate, despite its dated appearance (I do hope they remodel this store in the future). The store has a different layout from most newer ShopKo locations, the clothing departments are on the right side of the store, the home furniture department is located near the storage tower, the toy department is located in the back, the candy & grocery department is located near the optical center and pharmacy, the electronics department is located towards the center of the store, and customer service is located near the bathrooms, rear entrance, and the employee break room. The store also has a high-rise sign on the parking lot that can be seen from the alley between Toys "R" Us and the abandoned Cub Foods near where the Batters' Box used to be. A sign like that is quite unusual for the fact that it looks like a sign you'd see along the Interstate. If you want to see more pictures, please check out my page at Flickr (Sponge1987).

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