Saturday, April 4, 2009

East Town Mall: Past, Present and Future (Part Two): The Missing Skylight

East Town Mall's layout has changed radically since its opening 1982, having been through a few renovations since the late 1990s, a few years after Prange Way went under. As you can tell by the pictures below, you can see that a diagonal seating court has been removed, in order to give Office Max some space in the mall. The parallelogram-shaped skylight has been boarded up, but the top of it can still be seen in aerial photographs of the mall itself.
The skylight which was sealed up during the mall's big makeover in the late 1990s,
inside Office Max. The tiles were cut off before Office Max.

The two pictures above show what remains of the gutted seating court before Prange Way's entrance.

I hope all of you enjoyed the second part of my blog about East Town Mall. Stay tuned for Part Three.