Sunday, December 6, 2009

"BlogKo" re-launches as "The ShopKo Fan Club"

Hello everyone! I've got some news for you! "BlogKo" has been re-launched as "ShopKo Fan Club" to reach out to a wider ShopKo store fan base, much like how the Ames Fan Club reaches out to the Ames store fan base and how Groceteria reaches out to fans of grocery stores and supermarkets like Kroger, Safeway, Red Owl, A&P, etc., or like how News Plus Notes reaches out to fans of theme parks like Six Flags Great America, Nickelodeon Universe, Kings Island or the like. The new name also moves the focus away from Wisconsin retail history. We will be talking more about ShopKo and other retailers here when time allows. Under the name change, we will blog more about the ShopKo stores from Wisconsin to Washington, as well as the shopping malls in Wisconsin and other nearby states, as well defunct Midwest regional retailers like ShopKo's rival Prange Way, and other subjects.

Happy Holidays!

~~Justin Hill (a.k.a. The ShopKo Fan)


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